Reading became stress. The stress that came from disappointments in herself not from the reluctance of staying up all through the night.
She was alone in the room now, crying and trying to stop something she didn’t like but seemed like she had to do to gain her sanity. The moment finally ended.
‘’Lord I’m sorry’’ she muttered in guilt, closed her notes, switched off the light and forced herself to sleep.
Sunday was next day. She was so early, earlier than chapel workers. It felt like chapel was the place she could correct her wrongs.
Moni! Her roomie shouted as she approached their room.
‘’You’re early today oo’’
She smiled. Moni was known for her smile but this time, her smile had turmoil in it. ‘’Good morning’’ she said to her roommate.
This morning walk to chapel wasn’t complete without her friends but that was the intention, to be alone, to find relief.
The saxophonists were preparing to usher the preacher. The lead player gave its first sound, everyone was up. Moni could not stand from…


Gold and Toke have being working in the Public Relations Department of a company for over three years. Every day, Gold resumes work before work time and leaves hours after work has ended. Gold is principled and well organised about work. She does not take all her bosses instruction for granted and she is so keened about doing everything right because she believes it is the only way she can make it to the top.
Toke on the other hand is almost average with the way she works. She leaves work most times at the exact closing hour. She resumes early at sometimes and a little late at other time. Her relationship with other bosses and colleagues is not really a smooth one and her works are not close to quick and accurate as Gold but she still tries to deliver services as good as she can.
The time for promotion came, Toke got promoted but Gold didn’t. ‘’Gold is more efficient and worthy of this promotion than Toke is’’ the line manager exclaimed as Gold went to tender her complains to him. Gold …


It was time for my second internship and as I journeyed home, I still had not gotten a place to work. I was certain I would get a place but my fear was what if I ended up not gaining interest in where I get to work.
A week after I came home, I started working in an organisation called MME (Media Marketing and Expert) Africa. I was happy, happy with my timid life. Only for my boss to spot my timidity and it was then that my personal and work development through internship truly started.
Internship is the opportunity given to students to learn and gain insight about a profession or a vocation. As I proceeded in it, I got to see some parts of me.
Sometimes as students or individuals, we never might know where more of our interest lies until we really learn about them. For instance, as a student of Mass Communication, I used to think that my interest lied in just writing. I felt writing was like the only place I could even try functioning at. But while working, I got an opportunity to work …


Aunty Sarah teaches diction in a primary school. Whenever she’s to lead the assembly, she most times ask the children to sing the magic words song as theymatch into their various classes following the tune of the song. The children would shout happily each time they got to the main lesson of the song stating ‘’Please, Excuse me, Sorry, Thank you and the last one Pardon me!’’
Each time the children did something wrong, she would refer them back to the song so they could pick one of the magic words that best fit into correcting theirwrongs.
These children began to grow and most of them forgot how to use these words. They didn’t see forgetting the magic words as a big deal and this was why they didn’t find a reason to make a trial in remembering the magic words not to talk of applying them. Consequently, Pride came to replace those words that were opened to correction.
Pride means having too much awareness of your importance. The Greek word of pride is called hubris and hubris says it is a…


Before I go into why I like writing, I'll like to remind you that inside of you is placed something waiting to explore. It could be funny that you have no skill about that thing you are passionate about or you feel you cannot do it but for the fact that you admire and desire that thing, it means you can do that thing.
Ever since I was young, (since age eight) I feared a lot from life experiences and imaginations, I enjoyed imagining things and bringing out my own words from what people say. These feelings made me write. One of the reasons I take notes in church is because I need to find out if what the preacher is saying can trigger thoughts from me.
Writing covers the times I want something but cannot get it or the times where there’s a delay in my desire. It expresses my ups and downs, it gives me hope and places me on a check.
At one point, I lost interest in writing because I didn’t feel good with drawing my inspirations from just fears and uncertainty of life. I would only scri…


Transformation is taking place in my life in two ways. One way is unconsciously and the other consciously. The unconscious change is very easy for me because I’m not aware, it’s just goes on. At most times people see the changes before I see them.
The other one called conscious could be really stubborn. I feel this is where the original change comes. It’s not easy to move from my old style of life to the new. That for some period a person will not be in control because of the fact that he or she is trying to imbibe a style until it becomes a character. It’s not that easy. For instance, formerly, when I’m talking to someone who spots I’m shy and then the person asks ‘’are you shy?’’ I would say ‘’yes’’, so I can be easily relieved and I go back to my comfort of shyness. But I am in the process of change. I now have to give a countenance that appears that I am sure of myself even when there is a burning desire to go back to my old style.
It gets easier as time goes on.
As humans there are…


It’s very challenging to feel hopeless and void about life.
It was past 9pm. Her heart was so heavy. She cried all through the previous night and in some part of the day, she still wanted to cry more but she couldn’t. She prayed for tears to come but it didn’t and so she decided to go play with one of her friends.
Other girls she knew were there. They went on talking, laughing and arguing until some  went to their rooms and she left the remaining sleeping.
Folarin walked back to her room, opened her cupboard so she could eat something but she ended up closing the cupboard without doing anything. She felt some form of resistance in everything she enjoyed doing. Even her love music couldn’t help.
Hello! have you ever felt like Fola or worse than Fola?
I come from a point of view where regardless of our environments or circumstance that has shown to be the normal possibilities for depression, you can come out of it. All we need to do when we want to take bold steps is to be deliberate.